the uk Childcare industry

The UK childcare industry is estimated to be worth £6.7 billion. For the last 15 years until the present day there has been, and will continue to be, a significant level of demand for childcare in the UK. Despite economic downturn in 2008, and the pandemic’s impact in 2020-21, the childcare industry showed incredible resilience and continued to grow. Early years care is predominantly provided through day nurseries and preschools and is widely available nationwide. Some early years care and education is provided by state schools, but most is provided by private day nurseries.

The UK Childcare industry has been enjoying a period of expansion as parents and the Government realise the importance of the role that early year’s education plays in overall child development. With the assistance of government-back schemes, has allowed for early education to see growing enrolments over the years, with more than 850,000 children receiving childcare over the Summer of 2021. The private day nursery market remains highly fragmented, with over 80% of childcare provision being run by independent operators.

Otherwise, there are several large day nursery corporations, that have established a regional and national presence. Competition amongst medium-sized groups remains high with their being several established chains, with a number of privately backed new entrants that have followed aggressive expansion. iStep Learning steps into this arena with a desire to be a beacon of compassionate and outstanding early childhood education in the UK. In our perfect world, we see children at the heart of everything we do.

Every child is nurtured, cherished, and given the opportunity to bloom into their full potential. It is a world where early education is a joyful adventure, where learning is sparked by curiosity, and guided by dedicated educators who genuinely care. Our vision is to create this world through unwavering care, commitment, innovation, and empathy.